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Thursday, February 6, 2014


The Perfect Man…For Her? 

Who is the perfect man? Ad executive Melissa Brock might not know the answer, but she does know it’s not Sam Curtis. But with time running out and no flawless male specimen in sight, Mel has no choice but to try and pass off the former soldier as the real thing for her next campaign. Her business partner claims Mel only needs to “smooth out Sam’s rough edges,” a comment that has her reaching for a sand blaster. Confident, irrepressible, and sexy as hell, Sam has an unerring talent for finding trouble and more appeal than any man has a right to possess. Against her better judgment, she finds herself falling under his spell. But Mel has to wonder: is she falling for her own Mr. Right, or under the hype of her own campaign?

My Review:
The cover was yummy or at least the man on the cover yummy! The concept of the book and even the synopsis enticed me in. I refuse to say it was all about the abs because I have always judged a book by the reviews and synopsis. By judge I mean decided if I wanted to read it or not. I generally have pretty good instincts on what I think will be a great read. This was a so-so read. I loved the idea behind the story and the characters seem pretty solid, but there were times when I wanted to shove Sam and tell him to step up the pace and smack Melissa for being such a freaking ninny. I hated that it dragged on for so long. I wanted them to show some sort of, I don't know, some sort of emotion and communication between the two but the book honestly seemed to be more about the campaign they were on than the budding romance. To me the book should be about the romance if it is a romance novel. Now don't get me wrong this wasn't a bad book, I just wanted it to go faster. When they finally did jump into each others arms I sighed in relief and by then I was at the end of the book. I did however love the story and would still recommend it to others but maybe more to the ones that like less romance than others. 

About the author:

I would have loved to have more author information here, like a picture and maybe a bio but it appears this author does not have a author page on Amazon. I checked good reads as well but the book is not even listed there at all and the author is just not easy to find. Maybe I will find her on another form of social media and can update this blog post with something more than, "hey I tried but have no information about the author, sorry." 

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