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Monday, February 3, 2014

Hello Everyone!

I can't believe I have already done 22 episodes counting today, I actually had to go and count to make sure I had the right amount. I am glad that you have stuck around and I welcome anyone that is new!

UGH! I hate this part, but *sigh* it has to be done.

Here is how this works:

I get emailed a word or it gets put in the comments and I search Amazon for books with that word or that come up from the search. Then if it makes me smile or something I think when I see it makes me laugh I put it aside and pick the best 5 and share them with you. I look forward to this every Monday because it starts my day off with a good giggle. Something I am sure a lot of us need after a weekend of fun or relaxation or whatever it is that we do before the horrible Monday starts. I do not include links or authors names. I do not do it to harm the author, it is ONLY done for a good laugh. 

This week the word is PUSSY brought to you anonymously by a reader.

  • The Pulsating Puss ( I am not sure why but I imagined some poor pissed off kitty lol)
  • Going Down On The Farm ( I have heard many horrible words for the vagina but farm is not one of them! ) 
  • Ginger Golightly and Her Incredibly Inappropriate Talking Vagina ( Um wow! *looks down at vagina* "Why can't you be cool and talk too?"
  • Invisible Dick: Nobody (Holy shit! There is an invisible dick out there? Maybe that is what pokes at me in the middle of the night and not my snoring husband after all!)
  • Leslie Licks Herself ( Okay now if I could do this I would never have gotten married lol I have heard men say that so many times and this is the first time I have had a reason to say it and well it is my turn! ) 

If you have an idea for a word you can add it in the comments or email me and I will work a search up and use it on the blog! If you would like a review or heck just want to chat, leave a comment or email me at !