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Friday, December 20, 2013
Usually, I have the book and all the stuff about the book first and then my review but I was so overwhelmingly happy with this book that I decided to change things up a bit. Just Live Juliette is by far one of my favorite reads now and one that I will be adding to my read again list. I loved it. I was expecting something so different than what I got when I started reading that I actually had to check twice to make sure it was the right book. 

There is a reason behind this, let me explain: Religious books, books dealing with angels or death have been off my radar for some time. I have tried to read them but more often than not find that they are preachy or are telling me that my Wicca practicing beliefs are evil and therefore I am evil... Or they make me sad and I think about my grand daughter and her death and well, it is not a good thing. So I was shocked that I had chosen to review this book. I was pleased though that I had given it a chance because none of the things that normally would deter me from reading a book on this subject were in this book at all!

I understood the characters and at times could identify with each of them. I even understood the meaning behind each story. My first thought after I read the book... ( okay really honest moment here pay attention!) I should have wrote this book! Why didn't I think of this? This woman is a genius because she said all the things I would have wanted to say and presented a love story in a nice little package that encompassed everything with compassion and yet it didn't preach at me. In fact it barely mentions religion at all. Once or twice it mentions God, he is there, but he's not, but he is (lol). If you read the book you will totally understand that sentence I promise. 

Without giving too much of the story away, ( which I do not think is possible with this book) I will say that a book about the here after that seems to have crossed lines with The Others and encompassed a message that the living could do with learning a lot about, is one that I will not only read again and recommend it to friends. I will go one step further and say I want more! Please!

Here is more about this wonderful book and the author that wrote it!

Just Live, Juliette!

The Home Series 

Book 1

Stephanie Andrassy

Genre:Paranormal Romance

Date of Publication: May 28, 2013

ISBN: 9780991715718

Number of pages: 591

Word Count: 214,500

Book Description:

You never know what the morning after has in store for you, especially after drinks at a bar, a 

perfect man, and a night of the best sex you have ever experienced. Rather than dancing through 

a field of daisies, Juliette may be pushing them up instead. She awakes to a world where 

everything is familiar and nothing is what it appears to be; where the key to endless love is 

learning to just live.

This is the first book in the Home series; a journey which began with the short story, "The White 

Peacock", included for your convenience and reading pleasure.

About the Author:

Stephanie Andrassy is the coffeeholic author of Noble Lies, a fantasy romance, as well as the 

paranormal romance Home series. Beginning with the free short story, The White Peacock, the 

journey within this supernatural series continues in Just Live, Juliette! (Home Series #1) and 

Rocks Don’t Cry (Home Series #2), and will be joined by at least two further books.

She holds a B.A. from the University of Guelph and presently resides in southern Ontario, 

Canada with her family. An avid reader of romance, fantasy, drama, women's literature, 

suspense, and non-fiction; she’s been writing for her own personal pleasure since she was a child

 - a life-long love affair with the written word.

Readers are anticipating further new releases in 2014, including a sequel to Noble Lies and the 

next book in The Home Series.




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Unknown said...

Leanne... Wow! Thank you so much for the awesome review and for participating in the virtual tour of Just Live, Juliette!!! I have to admit I was nervous to learn you were reading this story (as you can imagine), and I'm so glad (relieved) that you enjoyed it. Hugs! :)