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Monday, November 11, 2013
I am terribly sorry about not having last weeks edition up, but I have been extremely ill. I had pneumonia, then a tooth had to be pulled, then I got bone spurs from the tooth and then if my pain level was not already out of control...
I developed blood clots in my right leg. I have been down and out of it. I am still only up and around sporadically because the pain becomes to much to sit. Since I am up and about for my few minutes I thought I could share a wtf list and hope that it brings us all some much needed smiles. 

For those of you that are new to this blog and to these editions, let me explain. I choose a word and search kindle books (usually erotica because they tend to be the funniest) and find 5 titles that are either funny or made me think think something funny and share them with everyone via this blog. I do not include the authors name or their buy links as I would not anyone to be offended that I chose their book. I have read some of the books I choose but that does not mean I would ever review it. Some of the books I have posted on here have actually been sought out to read by others because they have a great sense of humor. So authors and readers please do not go an pick on authors if you find the books listed. If you are interested in reading them, more power to you but no author needs to be picked on. Authors in return should not be incensed that I have chosen their books because I thought their title was humorous. It is just a most needed smile for me that I wanted to share. 

I actually did the research for this last week on the words "how to" and these are the books I came up with... enjoy!

  •     How To Have Sex With Beautiful Women (If you have to read a book, I am pretty sure that the beautiful woman you are pursuing won't want to have sex with you, even after you read the book!)
  •     How Bad Girls Get ( get what???? I hate when they don't tell you what you are getting when you are bad, it leaves my imagination to run amok with all kinds of yucky punishment! and okay some pretty exciting forms of punishment too!)
  •     How Many Licks ( it is not the quantity of licks but the quality in with which you can lick.... geez one day men are actually going to understand that we want to be treated like queens and not like candy they bite to get to the gooey center quickly!)
  •     How to trade in your old, used wife for some tight, young p*ssy. ( okay so some young beauty is going to go for your old, used up, wrinkly-can't get it up without a blue pill self, why? Anyone? Anyone? Yeah I didn't think so!)
  •     How I lost it, yes I mean that! ( Lost what? Your phone, your mind, your car... oh your virginity... yeah losing mine was pretty awful, not sure I want to read how someone else lost theirs.... thanks anyway!)

If you enjoyed this or want to give me a word to search for the next installment, leave a comment or email me at