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Sunday, October 13, 2013

As most of you know by now this is really simple. Every week I look over the titles in the erotica genre for titles that strike me as funny. Then I make a list of my top five and share them along with my reaction to them. I do this only for fun, I mean no harm to the authors or other readers. I do end up buying and reading some of the books because of the funny title, but I do not include the author’s name or links because I do not want harm to come to any author’s.

Okay now that the serious stuff is done let’s get on with the funny!

  • A Bit of Whatever (Maybe it is because I have teenagers but whatever sounds like something you could live without or live with because it doesn’t matter. Not sure I want to have sex with a bit of whatever if it isn’t going to be amazing. That’s it I will have a bit of amazing instead!)

  • A real online fantasy (Okay wait a minute! Things online are not supposed to be real, and fantasy can become reality etc… this title confused my little brain and made me think too much!) 

  • Virtual Office, Self-Love ( Weekend Getaway) ~(This one is as bad as the last one, now I want to know how you masturbate yourself away from yourself in your home office)

  • Blowtorch Chronicles (First thought… OWWWWWWW. Second thought… yeah not happening, my lady bits will be happier away from someone’s blowtorch!)

  • Mine, All Mine (Fated for Love) `~ (Sorry I totally read this title wrong and had to share the laugh. I thought it said Mine, All Mine (Farted on Love) and well I thought that it was a pretty smelly statement.

Have a great Monday